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During my visits to catshows, breeders and "Cat"and "Coon" - internetsites, I grew more and more amazed about all the existing CoonColours. Some colours were reseonably easy to determine. I was fascinated by most, but baffled by others. Take blue silver tortie mackerel white. It took a lot of comparing, advice from much more experienced people and learning about genetics, before I felt more sure about putting a name on a colour. Something you have to be able to do as a breeder...

After a while I made the plan to gather lots of pictures with examples of the many CoonColours. I started with the Fife-regulars. Later I'll try and add different eyecolours.

The name of the cat, breeder and/or owner are placed  under the picture. All pictures on this page, are published with the permission of the breeder and/or owner. Many thanks to everyone who spontaneousely helped me gather the pictures.

Additionaly you can find a schedule of the Fifé-coat/color standard.

Click to make your choice:

Black (n)

Blue (a)

Red (d)

Cream (e)

Black tortie f)

Blue-tortie ( g)

White (w)& Extra


Fife coat-and colorstandaard *

Alle colourvarieties are allowed, except the (Siamese) Pointed-marking, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn. Any amount of white is allowed.

Extra addition: The length of the coat and density of the undercoat can vary with the seasons

EMS tabby-patterns and or markings:

11 Shaded                                     01 Van

12 Chinchilla/shell                        02 Harlekin

21  unspecified tabby pattern      03 Bicolor       

22 classic                                      09 non specified white       

23 mackerel                              

24 spotted

25 ticked


61 blue                                        63 odd-eyed

62 golden                                    64 green


In shows, this colour-schedule is used:  

EMS Code


Group I


MCO n/a
Group II
Black/Blue with white


MCO n/a 01/02/03/09
Group III
Black/Blue agouti MCO n/a 22/23/24/25
Black/Blue golden


MCO n/a y 11/12/22/23/24/25
Group IV
Black/Blue agouti with white MCO n/a 01/02/03/09 21/22/23/24/25
Black/Blue golden with white


MCO n/a y 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Group V
Red/Cream/Tortie solid/agouti MCO d/e/f/g
MCO d/e/f/g 22/23/24/25
Red/Cream/Tortie golden


MCO d/e/f/g y 11/12/22/23/24/25
Group VI
Red/Cream/Tortie solid/agouti with white MCO d/e/f/g 01/02/03/09
MCO d/e/f/g 01/02/03/09 21/22/23/24/25
Red/Cream/Tortie golden with white


MCO d/e/f/g y 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Group VII
Black/Blue/Red/Cream smoke/silver MCO n/a/d/e s
MCO n/a/d/e s 11/12/22/23/24/25
Tortie smoke MCO f/g s
Tortie silver


MCO f/g s 11/12/22/23/24/25
Group VIII
Black/Blue/Red/Cream smoke/silver with white MCO n/a/d/e s 01/02/03/09
MCO n/a/d/e s 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Tortie smoke with white MCO f/g s 01/02/03/09
Tortie silver with white


MCO f/g s 01/02/03/09 11/12/21/22/23/24/25
Group IX
White MCO w
with blue eyes  
with orange eyes  
odd eyed  
with green eyes

* Sources: Fife + Rasclub Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is judged in one of these colour variety groups, i.e. in each colour variety group a certificate can be awarded   

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