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Devon Rex kittens

Born september 3rd 2022

 Rextopia's Thimbleberry  x Sweet Fire's HeraJevgenya


Pedigree: click


Name sex color birthweight status
Boonland's ZanderZimmer male chocolate/lilac? harlequin tabby 82grams on hold
Boonland's ZaraZang female tonkinese?point choc/lilac?torbie?/white 87 grams on hold
Boonland's ZoomZoom male chocolate classic/white 89 grams on hold
Boonland's ZosiaZymphonie female tonkinese?point choc/lilac? torbie?/red?/white 92 grams on hold


Our kittens cannot go to homes where they can go outdoors unprotected.

We like to see our kittens placed in homes where they can be either in human-or-feline-company. Without a feline companion, behaviour and health can be compromised.

We're a small cattery and have a strict health and temperament policy: our kittens will get the best of care and will be raised to become social, sweet pets. At the age of 4 weeks, they will be exposed to our (cat)household and will therefore get used to the other cats and  all  householdnoises -and -activities.                                   

They can go their new home as soon as they are 13 weeks old. They will be inoculated, dewormed and microchipped. They'll leave our home with a good-health certificate, a EU-passport,a pedigree and some "directions for use."


2 days old:

Newly born:




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