Devon Rex

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Because of the limited genepool of the Devon Rex has (high inbreeding-percentage and low immune-systems), I feel it's imperative to add more genes via Outcross-breeding in my breeding programme. My Catclub allows me to use different breeds to cross with the Devon Rex. The first such outcross-breeding has been with a European Shorthair. My breeding programme is done in close cooperation with cattery Rextopia.

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The Women

                Boonland's Kiss, click 












                            Boonland's Xiri












Saartje van Cothen, foundationcat, click         

















































The Man

    Champion Boonland's Curly Dundee F2 catstrato, click



3 Boonlanders in the sun


Kirlee, the first registered Devon Rex


Ever since I came in touch with a Devon Rex, I was smitten. This breed with it's sweet, inquisitive, affectionate manner won me over right away.

Their look is never forgotten, once seen and the contrast with the big, hairy Maine Coon is of course striking.

Karlijntje & Sientje

Ginger & Ricky

Both breeds are easy going and social, so there's no problems here between them.

My husband and I  love to feel and cuddle their warm, curly-haired bodies: an investment that gives an immediate,  high interest.

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