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Devon Rex kittens F1

Born january 13th 2018

Boonland's Kiss x NoŽl

Names are taken from characters in Maarten Toonder's Bommelstein-stories.

Name sex color birthweight status
Boonland's Heer Bommel male red spotted/white 104  grams in option
Boonland's Wammes Waggel male cream spotted (silver) /white 92 grams in option
Boonland's Argus male white 93  grams evaluation
Boonland's Tom Poes male white 103 grams evaluation

Kittens have 0% inbreeding, have bloodgroup Ab and are smooth haired.

This mating was done with permission of Felikat and all kittens will get a pedigree.


3 weeks old


Heer Bommel



Tom Poes

1 week old

Heer Bommel

Wammes Waggel


Tom Poes

day 1




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