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Maine Coon kittens

White Rock's Happy Feet P x Migatobonito White Snowshoes PP

Born may 24th. 2017

Pedigree: click

Name theme: Summer snow

Name sex color Toe constellation birthweight status
Boonland's Snow White Delight female white/blue eyes normal 128 grams reserved
Boonland's Blizzard female white/blue eyes normal 129 grams reserved
Boonland's  Slush P Snowshoes female black smoke tortie white 6/6/4/4/ 125 grams reserved


7 weeks

Blizzard (l) SnowWhite Delight(r)



3 weeks old

Snow White




1 week old

Sparkling P Snow We lost him to pneumonia

Snow White Delight


Slush P Snowshoes




We do not sell kittens to homes where they can go outdoors unprotected.

We like to see our kittens placed in homes where they can be either in human-or-feline-company.


We're a small cattery and have a strict health and temperament policy: our kittens will get the best of care and will be raised to become social, sweet pets. At 4 weeks, they will be exposed to our (cat)household and will therefore get used to the other cats and  to all  householdnoises -and -activities. They can go their new home as soon as they are 13 weeks old. They will be inoculated, dewormed and microchipped. They'll leave our house with a good-health certificate, a EU-passport,a pedigree and some "directions for use."

Our kittens will be sold with a contract. We can send this to you on your request







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