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The Devon Rex is an unusual and special catbreed.

Breeding-goals Devon Rex: healthy, handsome cats with nice and curly coats and an excellent (Devon Rex) temperament.

I consider myself very lucky with the cats I have: they all have lovely dispositions. I would like other people to share in my joy and strive to breed kittens/cats that give their owners a similar joy. Because of the limited genepool of the Devon Rex (high inbreeding-percentage and low immune-systems), I feel it's imperative to add more new genes via Outcross-breeding in my breeding programme. My Catclub allows me to use different breeds to cross with the Devon Rex. The first such outcross-breeding has been with a European Shorthair.

My breeding programme is done in close cooperation with cattery Rextopia.

For more information on outcrossing, please read this page: click




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