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Extra Orange of Wild Bumble Bee,

aka Sientje


august 30th 2018

11 years old here

  Date of birth: may 29th 2006

  Color: red solid 

  She-cat, neutered

  Character: Lively, curious & sweet. She's a circusartist leaping into my arms and fetching toys.

  These days, so also likes to sit in my lap.

  She was a good and easy-going mother.

  Sientje had five litters: Bettie's fruit, Spices, Fireworks, Bommel-characters & American Dishes

  Pedigree, click here


  Sire: Cappucino of the Mainstreet                                       Dam: Vanja of Wild Bumble Bee

  Color: Cream smoke                                                              Color: black tortie




Patellar Luxation HCM PKD HD Felv/Fiv Mypbc-gene
4/23/07 neg. 5/8/07 neg. 5/8/07 neg. 15/7/11 

left normal

right normal

4/23/07 neg. Both parents negative
  18/5/10 neg.        
  9/4/13 neg.        


As a kitten:

City Date Organiser Judge Result
Schiedam september 7th 2006 Felikat Ms. I. Röhr U4
Nieuwegein november 19 th 2006 Felikat Ms. J. Monney Pillonel U3
Utrecht january 28th 2007 Neocat Ms. Kleinendorp U1
Bemmel march 11th 2007 Felikat Ms. M. Godek U4

As an adult

City Date Organiser Judge Result
Arnhem april 8th 2007 Mundikat Ms Sneum U3
Utrecht jan. 27th 2008 Neocat Ms. M Daelemans CAC


4 years old

2 years old


3,5 weeks



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